Online Business Tools

Small business software tailored
to your exact requirements but
delivered at off the peg prices.

We create elegant, easy to use apps for mobile, cloud and desktop devices. From simple CRM systems tailored to your exact requirements to fully integrated enterprise wide solutions we can help you build a more profitable business.

Grow your business
Replace error prone, inefficient manual systems with a software solution that is error free, simple and quick to use and that integrates every part of your business.

Control your business
Real-time dashboards put your key business metrics at your fingertips helping you and your staff make better, faster business decisions. Instant snapshots of key performance indicators such as new sales orders, commissions, support cases, accounts receivable or items to ship.

Empower your staff
Give your staff the tools they need to get the job done quickly, efficiently, accurately and they will love you for it. In competitive times productivity is king. Free up your staff to provide more responsive service, better quality products, be more proactive and your business will thrive.

Our modular approach to building software means you only pay off the shelf prices for tailored made solutions. Because we donít have to keep reinventing the wheel the costs of providing customised solutions are generally similar to that of less useful Ďone size fits allí solutions.

Community development model
Your business is unlikely to be unique. Work with us to develop solutions for your particular industry or sector and reap the benefits every time we sell on to another company. Needless to say our aggreement will include restrictions on who we sell to.

Fully integrated
Enter once - see everywhere is the secret to making your company easier and more fun to manage. Replacing multiple spreadsheets and standalone applications into one fully integrated application means everyone sees the most up to date information and can do so on any internet connected device 24/7.