Online Business Tools

Our clients typically fall into one of these categories

Small businesses who can reap enormous benefits by using IT to streamline their business processes but who find off the shelf software of limited use and custom software prohibitively expensive.

They can run part or all of their business process online with clients accessing the system directly. eg. booking systems for health clubs, gyms, hairdressers, healthcare professionals etc.

Companies who can provide online ordering of their products. Selection processes that require minimal product information and zero staff involvement. eg stationery suppliers, wholesalers, most B2B repeat order transactions.

Companies who have business processes that are complex, time consuming, boring, repetitive or prone to human error.

Companies whose business process or products would benefit from a more graphical approach. eg. Online design software accessed by potential clients, Interactive product guides that generate more sales from better presentation of benefits, or that walk / guide customers through a complex process.