Online Business Tools

Online business tools are efficient single purpose applications that can be used straight ‘out of the box’, customised to your exact requirements or combined to build fully integrated company wide solutions.

They are the complete opposite of the ‘bloat ware’ sold by the big corporations and just made for small businesses. You simply rent the modules you need, adding to the core set as your business grows.

Development of new modules is driven totally by our users so you only get what you need and you don’t have to pay for features you will never use. Plus you always use the latest version.

Our success relies on satisfied customers who continue to use the service. We can’t just sell you a box and then ignore you. To keep our customers we have to continually enhance and develop the software we provide.

Here are just a few examples of the online business tools our clients are using today.

Customer relationship marketing
Enter potential client infomation when they first enquire and it will accessible to every part of your process - email or tele marketing, quotations, order tracking and processing, invoicing and service calls. Includes detailed history of every contact and appointment plus a comprehensive task manager to ensure nothing gets forgotten.

What's measured is managed. Track quotations, orders, conversion metrics, gross margins and more. Compare the performance of individual staff members or the whole enterprise from month to month, or year on year. All the key metrics of your business at your fingertips 24/7.

Design and costing apps
Create designs and quotations with your client on site. Close the deal on the spot. Take a deposit and even record their signature. Speed of response and professionalism are key to any sales process. Where the products are complex and visual there is no better solution than this.

Eliminate the boring stuff
Every company has processes that are time consuming, repetitive, complex, error prone and frankly boring. The smart way to deal with them is to automate them. Free up your staff to spend time on productive work. Remove human error and generally make working for your company more enjoyable.

Manufacturing information
If you are in the business of manufacturing something the last thing you want to be doing is manually preparing manufacturing infomation. By automating the production of drawings and cut lists from the sales information you make the whole process more efficient, far less prone to human error and way more profitable.

Custom diaries
Centralised sales and installer diaries mean no more double bookings. Daily run sheets for your reps can be printed or viewed on tablets and smartphones. Timeouts, sales appointment requirements and notes all recorded for all to see. There's even a link into Google maps.

Self service apps
More and more companies are discovering the efficiencies and improved sales to be gained by letting clients 'serve themselves' online. From stylish shopping sites to full blown design apps our client's clients are making selections, getting prices, placing orders and making payments using their computer, tablet or smartphone.